ETDP SETA improved payment/invoice process

In ensuring that we continue to serve you efficiently and effectively, the ETDP SETA has made changes to its internal finance processes. We have implemented a new system for payments, which seeks to ensure that all invoices are paid within the 30-day period.

To assist us to achieve a smooth workflow, you are required to complete a Services/Goods Received Note (linked below), have it signed by the Project Owner (ETDP SETA Staff Member), and thereafter send both the note and your invoice to the following email address:

Services Received Note

Please ensure compliance with the new processes as no invoices will be paid without a signed Services/Goods Received Note or when sent to a different email address.

Please note that the new system will commence on Monday, 18 September 2023.

We trust that this new system will be beneficial to both the ETDP SETA and its Stakeholders.

Issued by: Finance