ETDP SETA improved payment/invoice process

In ensuring that we continue to serve you efficiently and effectively, the ETDP SETA has made changes to its internal finance processes. We have implemented a new system for payments, which seeks to ensure that all invoices are paid within the 30-day period.

To assist us to achieve a smooth workflow, you are required to complete a Services/Goods Received Note (linked below), have it signed by the Project Owner (ETDP SETA Staff Member), and thereafter send both the note and your invoice to the following email address:

Services Received Note

Note: Effective from 01 April 2024, invoices & signed Services/Goods Received Notes received outside the central email address ( will not be processed.

We trust that this new system will be beneficial to both the ETDP SETA and its Stakeholders.

Issued by: Finance