External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA)

The EISA is a national exam that is meant to ensure a uniform standard for the qualification. The exam is set and administered by the ETDP SETA as an AQP.

Candidates can only register for this exam if they have successfully completed the knowledge, practical skills and workplace components of the Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development.

The exam is set in such a way that candidates are required to integrate knowledge, practical skills and work experience, i.e. the emphasis is on the application of what they have learned. The exam is strictly controlled by the QCTO and has to comply with all their regulations.

Exemplar Papers
In order to assist candidates with their preparation for the EISA, an exemplar paper with a marking memo has been prepared as follows: 

Memo_Exampler Training and Development Practitioner _ 2023-24.pdf
Exampler_Training and Development Practitioner _Question Paper 2023-24.pdf
Examplar 2022-23 _Career Development Information Officer _ID 96372 Question Paper.pdf
Marking Memorundum 2022_23 Memo Career Development Information Officer _ID 96372.pdf