Quarterly Cyclic Accreditation Approach (2023-2024)

Accreditation of Skills Development Providers (SDPs) to conduct training against registered historical/legacy qualifications has been delegated to various Quality Assurance Partners (QAP’s) by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).  To enable the accreditation process to unfold seamlessly, the SDPs applying for Institutional, or Extension of Scope accreditation are encouraged to submit to the ETDP SETA the following documents:

  1. Phase A: Application Form available from: http://www.etdpseta.org.za/education/etdqa-documents-and-forms ;
  2. Referral letter from the QCTO (applicable only if application is for a full legacy qualification).
  3. Referral letter issued by your Primary ETQA/QAP -- (Not applicable to ETDP SETA SDPs’ and Institutional accreditation)
  4. Company Registration Documents (Only Applicable to Institutional Accreditation)
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate.

All the aforementioned documents must be submitted at: accreditation@etdpseta.org.za.  Please take note that the dates for the submission of the Phase A: Application Form are open during the weekdays.  Further take note that an acknowledgement letter and feedback report shall be provided to your Company within seven (07) and fourteen working days respectively, from the date of receipt of the application.

Once the Phase A: Application form has been received, evaluated and feedback given by the ETDP SETA; the Skill Development Provider will receive Phase B Application Form to be completed and submitted to the ETDP SETA Office as follows:

  1. “Phase B Application Form”
  2. Proof of registration of Assessor/s and Moderator/s together with their employment Agreements –
  3. Employment Agreement/s, CV/s and Qualification/s of the Facilitator/s --
  4. Learner, Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Guides --
  5. Assessment and Moderation Policy and Procedure (Only applicable if applying for an extension of scope of accreditation) –
  6. A Purchase Agreement is required for if the learning materials purchased from another provider --
  7. Quality Management System (Only applicable if seeking institutional accreditation) –

Skills Development Providers are strongly encouraged to submit fully completed and signed Phase B Application Form together with supporting documents to email; accreditation@etdpseta.org.za, on or before the preferred closing date from the table below:

The dates below serve as a guideline for the submission timeframes, these dates may be subject to change without any prior notice.


Online submissions dates:


For further clarity regarding the accreditation requirements and/or submission dates, kindly contact Mr Jackson Maake, Ms Merly Malungane, or Mr Imran Dawood by email at JacksonM@etdpseta.org.za , MerlyM@etdpseta.org.za or ImranD@etdpseta.org.za.