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SCMU 26 2018/19

The ETDP SETA is looking for a suitably qualified service provider to deliver a Business Process Analysis services.

The ETDP SETA plans on conducting a formal project of process reengineering to ensure that optimal business processes and automated solutions are implemented. The ETDP SETA expects the service provider to evaluate the value chain of the organisation and not only the stand-alone processes. The work entails determining service requirements and performance measures for key stake holders and clients, internal and external. Some of the challenges faced by the ETPD SETA are:

  1. A Lack of a framework of process performance monitoring and accountability
  2. Slow response to service requests
  3. Laborious, time consuming and error prone reporting processes
  4. High turn-around time leading to high stakeholder costs
  5. Duplication and lack of consistency of information throughout a number of business functions
  6. A lack of process transparency with all stakeholders
  7. Highly paper driven processes



Please call the ETDP SETA's Tip-offs Anonymous and confidential whistleblowing hotline to report dishonestesty, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviour. The hotline is safe, confidential and secure.

0800 204 937 or