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Management Information System

The ETDP SETA Management Information System is up and running. A number of our providers are already using the system. To access the system you need a username and a password which is issued by the ETDP SETA. Please read the notes below.

Download instructions: Right-click the link and select "save target as"


MIS Progress Report 
ETDP wishes to inform all providers of the progress to date concerning the cleaning of the data on our MIS. The following has been done by ETDPSETA:

  • We held workshops in all provinces (Click here to access all the workshop documents) informing the providers why we had to change to the new system;
  • We trained providers on the use of the new system;
  • We communicated with all providers asking them to send us information as we are cleaning data on the system;
  • We asked providers to send us their assessors and supporting documentation so that we can link them with respective providers;
  • We issued edudex forms, request for password and username forms for datanet so that providers can fill them in and return to the ETDPSETA so that they could be allocated a password to be able to have access to the MIS;
  • Some of those who adhered to the call, we managed to give them edudex software and a password if their information was corrected and cleaned.;
  • Providers who were given the above are the ones whose data was cleaned successfully as they have sent all the information requested;
  • We are currently capturing new providers & creating accreditation numbers for them;


To date only 134 out of 540 providers have submitted the necessary information & their data was cleaned and allocated passwords to them so as to have an access to MIS and be able to upload learner achievements;

We are pleading with providers who have promised to submit their information since March to do so, so that we can update their information on the MIS and allocate passwords to them;

For a provider to access information this is what is needed:

  • Provider accreditation details; e.g. contact details, accreditation start and end date, accreditation number etc.
  • Qualifications and unit standard accredited for ; unit standard start and end date, relevant SAQA ID.,
  • Assessor and moderator details; assessors linked to which provider, same applies to moderators, qualifications to be able to assess and moderate, assessors/ moderator registration number. A learners assessor is not the same as a registered assessor / moderator.

For a provider to be able to upload the above are the requirements:

  • Providers you are requested to verify information on the system and send us the missing information.


Please call the ETDP SETA's Tip-offs Anonymous and confidential whistleblowing hotline to report dishonestesty, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviour. The hotline is safe, confidential and secure.

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