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ETDQA Processes and Responsible Officials

Assessor/ Moderator Registration and Re-registration

Assessor and Moderator registration or re-registration is restricted to Unit Standards and Qualifications that are quality assured by the ETDP SETA. The term that is used to describe registration of assessors and moderators for a specific group of Unit Standards or Qualifications is called Constituency. This means that in order for a person to seek ETDP SETA Constituent Assessor or Moderator registration, they must meet the following criteria:

Criteria for registration of ETDQA constituent assessor
The ETDQA shall approve an application to be registered as an ETDQA constituent assessor if the applicant can provide proof of the following:

  • Achievement of unit standard 115753 ‘Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments’ or 7978 ‘Plan and Conduct Assessment of Outcomes Based Learning Outcomes’
  • Competency in relation to the unit standard(s) and or qualifications for which they apply to be registered at (or preferably above) the level of the said standard(s) and/ or qualification
  • Two years relevant occupational assessment experience/ expertise; and
  • Relevant subject matter expertise.


Criteria for registration of ETDQA constituent moderator
The ETDQA shall approve an application to be registered as an ETDQA constituent moderator if the applicant can provide proof of the following:

  • Registration as an ETDQA constituent assessor (current)
  • Achievement of unit standard 115759 ‘Conduct moderation of outcomes based assessment or 7977 ‘ Conduct Moderation’
  • Two years of relevant occupational experience particularly in the design and implementation of assessments; and
  • Relevant subject matter expertise.


Assessor and Moderator Registration procedure
Applications to be registered as a constituent assessor or moderator shall be submitted and processed according to the following procedure:

  • The applicant must request the assessor / moderator registration form from the ETDP SETA Provincial Office or download the registration forms from the ETDP SETA website
  • The applicant will complete the assessor registration application form and submit to the ETDP SETA Provincial Office, together with the required documentation (as stipulated in the application form)
  • The Provincial Office will upon receipt of the application, record and evaluate the application to ascertain compliance to the ETPD SETA criteria
  • If the application meets the ETDP SETA requirements the applicant will be registered as an ETD constituent assessor/ moderator on the SETA’s national database. A notification letter will be sent to the applicant informing them of their registration status; and
  • If the application is unsuccessful a notification letter will be sent to the applicant informing him or her about the reasons for not being registered.


Criteria for re-registration as assessor and moderator
Registered assessors and moderators must complete and submit the assessor/ moderator re-registration form 30 working days prior to the expiry of registration in order to avoid a period of non-registration.  

Extension of scope of registration
Registered assessors and moderators may apply for extension of scope of unit standards/ qualifications which they are registered to assess or moderate if they are able to demonstrate that they have achieved the technical competence in the additional unit standard/ qualifications.

The application for extension of scope of registration has to be made on the Assessor/ Moderator Extension of Scope Application Form.

Where to apply for Constituent Assessor / Moderator registration, application for extension of scope or re-registration
All applications are managed at the ETDP SETA Provincial offices and are managed by the Provincial ETQA Officer. Choose the office for your application based on the province within which you reside.

You can down load the application form at:

  • You can complete the application form manually and hand in to the respective office or; 
  • You may email your application.


Eastern Cape 
Neliswa Mtsewu
(043) 726 8314

Free State 
Funzani Madzivha
(051) 430 5078/6

Ngisane Mnguni
(011) 4031301/2/3/6

Shainaaz Ramburry
(031) 304 5930/2

Luceth Machebe
(015) 295 9303

Wesna Middleton
(087) 700 8113

Northern Cape Province
Carol Zwane
(053) 832 0051/2

North West Province
(018) 294 5280

Western Cape Province
Juanita Malan Hendricks
(021) 946 4022



Accreditation of skills development provider
The ETDQA shall accredit constituent skills development providers on the following conditions:

  • The skills development provider has applied for accreditation following the formal process which is indicated on our website
  • The skills development provider shares a primary focus of provision with the ETDP SETA in terms of the specific NQF registered unit standards and qualifications; and
  • The skills development provider has not been accredited by any other ETQA.

Process for accreditation
The following accreditation process will be followed by the ETDP SETA:

Phase A: Skills development provider completes and submits a Phase A form: The form can be downloaded at 

  • You can complete the form manually and hand into the ETQA Officer at a provincial office or;
  • You may email your application to

The ETDP SETA will evaluate your application to ensure legal compliance as well as validation that the Unit Standards or Qualifications applied for fall within the quality assurance control of the ETDP SETA. The ETDP SETA will not accept any Learning Material that accompanies the Phase A application.

Phase B: Skills development provider submits Phase B form after having received communication from the ETDP SETA requesting the completion and submission of the Phase B Self Evaluation. The checklist can be found at:

  • You may courier or hand over the learning material (Phase B) to Mr Khayalethu Goloda (

Phase C: ETDP SETA conducts an accreditation site visit to determine the suitability of premises for education and training purposes. This site visit is only conducted after completion of the Phase B process by the ETDP SETA. 

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) 
The QAC convenes eight times a year to ratify the accreditation and learning programme evaluation recommendations. Reports from the Phase B and Phase C can only be issued to SDPs after the ratification by the QAC.

Phase A Applications

Last Date for Submission of Phase B Submissions

learning programme Evaluation Period

Accreditation Site Audit Periods

Quality Assurance Committee Submission Date

Quality Assurance Committee Meeting dates

Feedback Date to Training Provider Applicants

There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 20 January 2017 23-27 January 2017 28-30 January 2017 13 February 2017 22 February 2017 28 February 2017
There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 31 March 2017 3-6 April 2017 18-21 April 2017 9 May 2017 17 May 2017 30 May 2017
There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 30 June 2017 19-23 June 2017 3-7 July 2017 25 July 2017 2 August 2017 15 August 2017
There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 21 August 2017 28 Aug-1 September 2017 11-15 September 2017 26 September 2017 4 October 2017 17 October 2017
There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 27 October 2017 6-10 November 2017 21-24 November 2017 28 November 2017 6 December 2017 15 December 2017
There is no specific date for Phase A Submissions 5 January 2018 15-19 January 2018 22-26 January 2018 1 February 2018 7 February 2017 20 February 2018

Letters of Accreditation
The following are categories of letters awarded by the ETDP SETA:

  • Provisional Accreditation
  • Full Accreditation
  • Re-accreditation

External Moderation of learner achievements

Definition: External Moderation is a planned and systematic process for validating learner achievements and ensuring compliance to the QCTO and the ETDP SETA certification criteria. It is a means of ensuring that two or more providers delivering the same unit standards and/or qualifications are assessing consistently to the same standard, using valid instruments, and meeting the national standard registered on the NQF. The QCTO uses the term External Moderation to mean the moderation, by an ETQA, of the accuracy of the assessment information on learner achievement by a Skills Development Provider before certification is authorised.
Type of External Moderation
On-site: this is the External Moderation that takes place at the provider’s premises. This External Moderation will apply to both skills programmes and full qualifications.
Procedure for applying for External Moderation 

  • Provider completes the External Moderation Request Form and submits it to the ETDQA. The form can be downloaded at 
  • The ETDQA evaluates the information and schedules an External Moderation
  • External Moderation is conducted and learner results are endorsed/not endorsed
  • External Moderation window is opened to allow for upload for learner results; 
  • The provider requests endorsement;
  • The provider is sent a batch sheet to confirm all learner data that corresponds to the external moderation report;
  • Learner results are endorsed and the provider is advised via the ETDP SETA Management Information System (MIS).
SDP Province Area of assistance Email Address Telephone number
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape
Free State
 - Password changes
 - Request for the use of the ETDP SETA Logo
 - Request for external moderation
 - Window opening
 - Extension of window period
 - endorsements (011) 372 3300
KwaZulu Natal
Western Cape
North West
 - Password changes
 - Request for the use of the ETDP SETA Logo
 - Request for external moderation
 - Window opening
 - Extension of window period
 - endorsements 011 372 3300

Process Flow for Printing Competency Certificates (Full Qualifications)

  • The Provider requests printing of certificates through the MIS function
  • The list of learner records is generated by the ETDQA
  • The ETDQA verifies list of learner records with provider for accuracy and completeness
  • The ETDQA prints the competency certificates and affixes the ETDP SETA hologram
  • The ETDQA distributes the certificates to Skills Development Providers via mail courier or collection; and
  • The turnaround time for printing certificates is 30 working days from request by the Skills Development Provider. 

Write to for all queries pertaining to certificates

Management Information System (MIS) processes 

Newly accredited skills development providers and skills development providers who are accredited by other ETQAs and have obtained learning programme approval with the ETDP SETA must apply for a username and a password to access the ETDP SETA learner management information system.  
Write to for all MIS queries and assistance
Process flow for applying for MIS password 

  • The Skills Development Provider submits a written request to the ETDQA 
  • The ETDQA evaluates the form and sends a password & username application form to the provider
  • The provider completes the form and sends it to the ETDQA
  • The ETDQA screens the form for compliance and then allocates password and username; and
  • The ETDQA sends the provider the user manual
  • Training on the use of the ETDP SETA MIS is provided as per request.

Downloads: ETDQA Documents

  • Application for Assessor/Moderator Registration
  • Phase A Application
  • Phase B Checklist
  • Request for External Moderation


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