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2021 WSPRs Submission Deadline

Reminder to submit Work Skills Plans and Reports (WSPRs) by 30 April 2021

The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) mandate is to promote and facilitate skills development in the Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector.

In carrying out its mandate, the ETDP SETA encourages all employers that fall within the scope of the ETD sector to raise the skills levels of their employees.

In order for the submitted WSPRs to be processed for Mandatory Grant payments, the following criteria should be met:

  • WSPR forms must be signed by the organisation’s designated signatories
  • WSPR forms must be submitted on or before the 30th April 2021.  No late submissions will be accepted by the SETA 
  • Any applications for extension must reach the SETA on or before 30th March 2021
  • WSPR forms will only be accessible to the registered and approved Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) through the Indicium system, if not registered please visit our website: 
  • http://www.etdpseta.org.za/education/
  • WSPR forms can only be submitted through the Indicium System
  • WSPR forms to be used must only be those that are downloaded from the current Indicium System
  • ATR forms must be completed using the OFO Codes 2019 version
  • WSP forms must be completed using the OFO Codes 2019 version
  • All mandatory fields of the form must be completed in full.

The WSPR excel forms and related documents can be downloaded from the Indicium System through the link: 

Please ensure that you access and complete the correct WSPR form relating to your organisation based on the following:

  1. Public WSPR form
  2. Provincial Department of Education (PDE) form only
  3. Private WSPR form
  4. Small levy WSPR form (including non-levy organisations)

For more information regarding submissions, contact your nearest provincial office:

Head Office: 011 372 3309 - RefilweN@etdpseta.org.za
Eastern Cape: (043) 726 8314 - NoluvuyoS@etdpseta.org.za / SydneyM@etdpseta.org.za
Free State: (051) 430 5072 - EmeldaS@etdpseta.org.za / SelinaM@etdpseta.org.za
Gauteng: (011) 403 1301/2/3/6  - GerrardF@etdpseta.org.za / VasuN@etdpseta.org.za
KwaZulu-Natal: (031) 304  5930/2 - KhutsoM@etdpseta.org.za / GillianL@etdpseta.org.za
Limpopo: (015) 295 9303/04/12 - IsaiaM@etdpseta.org.za / MakhuduT@etdpseta.org.za
Mpumalanga: (087) 352 7108 - NtombiM@etdpseta.org.za / DavidN@etdpseta.org.za
Northern Cape: (053) 832 0051/2 - RamaK@etdpseta.org.za / DavidG@etdpseta.org.za
North West: (018) 294 5280 - NdumiN@etdpseta.org.za / AniraK@etdpseta.org.za
Western Cape: (021) 946 4022 - FikileM@etdpseta.org.za / ZureenahS@etdpseta.org.za

For more information regarding 2019 OFO Codes, follow the link: 


Please call the ETDP SETA's Tip-offs Anonymous and confidential whistle-blowing hotline to report dishonesty, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviour.

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